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The highest honour in financial services

How to Find an FCSI® Holder?

Investors are invited to use this Directory to locate qualified financial advisors who have attained the FCSI®.

When you hire an accredited CSI financial professional, you’re hiring an expert who has been trained by Canada’s most trusted and respected financial services education provider. Since it was established in 1970 as the Canadian Securities Institute, over three-quarters of a million financial professionals have chosen CSI for their career training and development.

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What is the Ethical Misconduct Process?

Before filing a formal complaint with CSI, we strongly recommend trying to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the FCSI® in question. Those who cannot come to a resolution should contact CSI at our special FCSI® complaints email address.

Complaint submissions should include:

  • Details of the alleged Code of Ethics violation
  • Sufficient background information/documentation to support the allegation
  • Name and contact details of the complainant

CSI does not recommend sharing confidential financial information through email. Allegations of violation of the FCSI® Code of Ethics are dealt with by the Designation Ethics Committee according to the Ethical Misconduct Process. If the Committee determines a violation occurred, a disciplinary sanction is recommended. The FCSI® may accept the recommended sanction or request a hearing.

Disciplinary sanctions could include the following:

  • A written reprimand from CSI and/or the Chair of the FCSI® Advisory Council.
  • Notifying the appropriate regulatory body for possible further investigation.
  • Recording the violation in the FCSI®’s record.
  • Requiring the FCSI® to complete a supplementary ethics or professional development course(s).
  • Requiring the FCSI® to complete additional industry contribution hours.
  • Suspending the FCSI®’s licence and use of the FCSI® Certification Mark (for a specific period, indefinitely with conditions for reinstatement, or permanently).
  • Notify the FCSI® holder’s employer and/or professional or designation granting organization of the violation
  • Imposing other measures deemed appropriate by the Designation Ethics Committee.
  • Publicizing the violation on the CSI website and/or elsewhere.

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